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Employer's responsibility - What employers need to know

Employers have many responsibilities including keeping their employees safe, physically, psychologically and emotionally. These concepts have been placed in the Work Health and Safety Act now also contained in the Fair Work Amendment Act 2014 which has come into force on the 1 st January 2014. The Fair Work Act 2009 also includes the general protections of employees such as

Employees therefore are governed by a combination of legislation, awards, agreements, policies and guidelines.

Employers/Managers should consider all their responsibilities and maintain essential processes and procedures/policies in place with respect to those responsibilities. In addition with the new laws (discussed in the bullying section of this website) it would be remiss not to place and manage disputes and grievances in their businesses and their workplaces for their employees. It is further essential that workers are made aware of those policies and procedures.

If disputes or grievances arise at work between workers or between managers and workers then the Company or service guidelines should be followed in the first instance.

If mediation is an option in this area, then both parties need to agree to come to mediation and the parties must be the decision makers to allow for appropriate discussion and agreement. The discussions in Mediation remain totally confidential. If an agreement is requested the agreement is not confidential.

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