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Menzies Mediation provide tailor made training and workshops to assist persons and businesses in resolving conflicts and disputes.
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Menzies Mediation is presenting a Skills Set Course for Addressing Conflict and Bullying in the Workplace nationally:

Recognition, Prevention & Resolution of Conflict and Bullying in the Workplace

This course when completed will allow you to be able to adapt skills and knowledge in the Recognition, Prevention & Resolution of Conflict and Bullying in the Workplace.

Menzies Mediation welcome you as an active participant and trust you will enjoy the learning experience with us.

Overview of the Course:

Course Modules/Units

On successful completion of this course you will be accredited with a National Statement of Attainment for the Skills Set of units above.

Duration of Course

Notionally this course is a 2 day program with a very hands-on approach.
This course can be delivered in a structured 2 days depending on the knowledge and skill levels of students.
This course can also be designed specifically to suit an enterprise or group's needs.

Overview of Assessment

The assessment will be conducted by a combination of:

Course Materials

Your course assessment materials are available as copy and electronic. You can choose the method.

Course Cost

This course can be flexibly designed at a cost to suit an enterprise for groups or individuals.
Group cost can be negotiated

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