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The process of Mediation

Mediation is a process that allows parties to talk about the problems they are experiencing, and move towards resolving those problems. A third person, the mediator, assists both parties to discuss their concerns in a private, safe and productive environment, and come up with ways to move forward. Mediation is not about blaming, or attributing right or wrong. Often both people involved in mediation have acted in ways they might not have if circumstances had been different.

When considering the mediation process and engaging a medation service, ensure the mediator is accredited.

Michelle Menzies and Tony Neil, the team of Menzies Mediation, are approved and accredited under the National Mediator Accrediation Standards to act as mediators.

6 Steps at Menzies Mediation

1. Contact and referrals:

2. Preparing for mediation:

3. Pre-mediation one party:

4. Joint Mediation both parties:

5. During the Joint mediation:

6. Agreement:


Advantages of Mediation

Conflict and disagreements will invariably come at a great cost financially, emotionally and psychologically to organisations and individuals alike. Consequently it is difficult to quantify damage being done at all levels. There are many reasons to embrace conflict as a catalyst for change but there are particular ways to conduct the change or deal with conflict without the insurmountable and unquantifiable cost above.

I will suggest the following points to outline the many advantages of mediation. This may not be an exhaustive list but may assist in making a decision about mediation :

Mediators at Menzies mediation based in Cairns Queensland are highly skilled, life experienced individuals who have obtained many hours of experience in conflict resolution and coaching. In addition they have acquired many hours of experience in mentoring to allow for confidential discussions to develop in a respectful and progressive environment .


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