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What employees need to know - Generally

Employees need to know their respective company policies with regards to internal dispute processes and should endeavour to follow the company policies to settle disputes or grievances. If they feel that they are not being treated fairly within that system they should contact a Mediator, solicitor or other appropriate organisations that may be able to assist them.

Employees need to know that they have a right to feel safe at work in a physical, emotional, psychological and biological way.

‘General protections’ of Employee

Everyone in Australia’s national workplace relations system has rights called ‘general protections’. They come from the Fair Work Act 2009 and include:

Employees need to know that they are primarily governed by a combination of legislation, awards, agreements, policies and guidelines.

General Obligations of Employee

The following employee obligations include:

If disputes or grievances arise at work between workers or between managers and workers then the Company or service guidelines should be followed in the first instance. Employee inductions would have directed employees to find the relevant company or service policies and guidelines. If employees are unsure of the policy they should ask a colleague or Manager.

If mediation is an option in this area, then both parties need to agree to come to mediation and the parties must be the decision makers to allow for appropriate discussion and agreement.

The discussions in Mediation remain totally confidential. If a written agreement is requested the agreement is not confidential.

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