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What is Family Mediation or Family Dispute Resolution?

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) or Family Mediation is a process where an FDRP talks to both parties about the problems you wish to discuss and then resolve through mediation.

These discussions are held between the parties and:

  • Focuses on the best interests of the child/children
  • Allows the parties to select the issues they wish to discuss
  • Encourages parties to reach agreement on the issues of concern
  • Assists the parties with the information to make their own decisions with regard to their parenting agreement

Our FDR practitioner/mediator will guide and provide additional information to the parties at all times from the beginning and throughout the mediation.

Who can conduct Family Dispute Resolution?

Only Mediators registered with the Federal Attorney General's Department (AGD) can conduct FDR to assist participants in establishing agreements for your child or children.

Menzies Mediation is registered to conduct Family Dispute Resolution. If necessary we are registered to issue certificates.

What are the advantages?

  • A win/win approach with a workable and sustainable outcome
  • Successful mediation means no court costs
  • Time effective (no long waiting times for mediation)
  • Mediators and parents are legally bound to maintain confidentiality with regards to the discussions during mediation.
  • Empowers both parties to make informed and agreed decisions
  • Communication that allows for constructive solutions and ongoing relationships that is in the best interests of the child/children
  • Opportunity to tell your side of the story so that both parties can be heard in a respectful manner


Separating and need a Parenting Plan?  

If you are separated or separating and cannot agree with the arrangements for your child or children then contact us on 0400 840 676 or 0478 130 77 to make an appointment.



If parents have children below 18 years of age, and the parents cannot agree on a Parenting Plan, they are by law required to see a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.

A Parenting Plan may deal with any aspect of the care, welfare and development of the children. Such as living arrangements, deciding on schools...

It is compulsory for separating families who have a dispute about children (less than 18 years) and associated parenting issues to make a genuine effort through Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) to resolve their dispute BEFORE going to court.

Why use Menzies Mediation??

  • Registered with the Federal Attorney General to conduct family disputes including parenting plans
  • Nationally Accredited, skilled and experienced Mediators
  • No referrals required. You can come to us directly
  • Respect for both parties wishes in developing their own agreed parenting plan
  • Conduct discussions in an informal, confidential and respectful manner
  • We dedicate an entire day to assisting you in developing your Parenting Plan
  • Successful mediation means no court costs
  • Most cost effective process enabling all families access to our services
  • Payment plans are available *Conditions apply


How do you arrange Family Dispute Resolution?

  1. Contact us 0400 840 676 or 0478 130 777 michelle@menziesmediation.com.au
  2. We will need to obtain some general details about your case
  3. We will explain the process
  4. We may refer you to other appropriate services for support as the need arises
  5. We will advise you of our fees
  6. We will be there with you during the entire process


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