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Meet the Mediation team based in Cairns Queensland

Principal:    Michelle Menzies

Mediator:    Tony Neil

General approach of our service

Our approach is client focused with an emphasis on providing you with professional care of your case. This includes impartiality, confidentiality and a genuine sensitive approach. The notion of dispute resolution is that people should be working side by side, addressing the problem, not each other.

We acknowledge emotions as being legitimate and we work with the parties in whatever context the dispute has transpired. We focus on interests rather than positions (bearing in mind that your position is what you have decided and your interests are what caused you to decide in a particular way). We assist you in developing options and if this is properly explored will reap best interests for all parties. We use credible reference points to focus you on the right conversation. Our values include but are not limited to the following:

  • Respect for people
  • Client focus
  • Management by fact
  • Continuous improvement of processes

Menzies Mediation is very were proud to support Belinda Neil in her advocacy role for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD.

Principal: Michelle Menzies

Michelle’s qualifications consist of the following:

• Bachelor of Laws
• Bachelor of Nursing
• Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner
• Nationally accredited mediator
• Graduate Certificate in Legal Practice
• Child inclusive training for Family Dispute Resolution

Michelle is a Dispute Resolution Practitioner registered with the Attorney General Department, is Nationally accredited under the National Mediator Accreditation System, and is a Member of Resolution Institute (National Body for Mediators in Australia and New Zealand). Michelle is skilled in all mediation forms, including work place bullying and specialises in family mediation.

Michelle’s education and experience are both broad and relevant to her mediation practice, with a degree in nursing (BN), a degree in Law (LLB), with admission to the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory (NT). Michelle is also qualified to deliver training courses under Certification IV in Training and Assessment. Michelle joined the Anglicare Organisation as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner in the Northern Territory. Michelle was subsequently tasked with the responsibility to conduct a major reform of key aspects of their family mediation processes. This was successfully achieved.

During this period, Michelle established best practice and processes for the handling of family mediation cases going through the Anglicare services. Michelle was recognised for her skills in mediation, when Michelle was subsequently contacted and requested by the Community Justice Centre (CJC) in Darwin to be a mentor and coach of trainee mediators at the CJC.

Michelle has provided assistance to other mediators in their role as mediators and co-mediators. In addition she worked with therapists and parenting instructors for referrals to support people through the processes of mediation and parenting. Michelle is now based in Cairns Queensland and works with people nationally.


Mediator: Tony Neil

Tony Neil completed his formal education in Australia with a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Electrical Engineering.

Tony is a nationally accredited mediator and is a Member of Resolution Institute (National Body for Mediators in Australia and New Zealand).

He has spent more than thirty years in two major power utilities in Australia as an engineer at all levels and then as a Senior Executive.

Tony furthered his career by accepting a secondment to Papua New Guinea for three years to assist their power utility, as a Senior Executive, in the areas of project management, transmission planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance, under an agreement between the governments of Australia and Papua New Guinea.

He later established his own consulting company where he was instrumental in effecting ‘twinning’ (Buddy) relationships with a number of power utilities in the Pacific Islands and utilities in Australia. During this period he was the project director for a major Australian Aid project in the Pacific Island Country of Kiribati in the power sector.

In 1998, Tony became the Executive Director of the Pacific Power Association where he established a number of progressive programs directed at improving utility performance, including capacity building, performance benchmarking and supply side management involving twenty-four (24) Pacific Island Power Utilities. He was effective in achieving funding for these key projects from the USDOI, the ADB, the Government of France and the European Union.

During his lengthy and varied professional career Tony was responsible for more than 7 years, a department with more than 200 staff with Prospect Energy and then became Integral Energy, a major electricity distributor in NSW. During this period his department’s annual budget was $30 Million for both capital and operating budgets.

His valuable experience, as a senior executive in these large organisations, coupled with his professional training as a mediator makes him a very valued consultant at Menzies Mediation based in Cairns Queensland.

He has inherent knowledge of process and intervention skills as a mediator that is particularly suited for dispute resolution and follow-up having a genuine interest in people and their ability to cope with their particular situation.

He also possesses abundant coaching skills and is most respected in valued mentoring roles.


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